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about us

A summer road trip with windows down and radio blaring. A midnight dance party in your kitchen. That song you listened to 6,000 times on your ipod as a teenager. Radio Retrograde feels kind of like that.


Inspired by that feeling you get when you hear a song you’ve totally forgotten that you love, Radio Retrograde is a cover band like no other. Their repertoire spans decades and bends genres, infusing the sickly sweet of bubblegum pop with the tang of jazz and the satisfying finish of funk and soul. Radio Retrograde packs all the punch of a traditional party band into a small and endearingly quirky package, translating the songs of the likes of The Spice Girls, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson,  Hall and Oates, and Elvis Presley to a trio format with upright bass and jazz inspired arrangements.


The fearless trio is made up of Alicia Wrigley on vocals and bass, Devin Moore on vocals and guitar, and Rich Gailey on drums and percussion.

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